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Philpott Energy’s chemical delivery services provide products for drill out projects upon request

For drill outs using work over rigs or coil tubing, the specific quantity of chemicals required can vary from one well to the next, so predicting exactly what to order can be challenging. As such, Philpott Energy will deliver chemicals to your job site, and any unopened containers may be picked up by our personnel or returned to our service center.

We can also provide a trained chemical operator for on-site technical support to provide guidance to chemical usage and dosing. Project support can be a few hours up to the entire project based upon your needs. Our personnel will also be available for call-in support if required.

Services include technical support and pre-project water quality testing. This can be especially helpful if reused or recycled water is used in the production environment. Though our chemicals are specifically designed to withstand a wide array of environments, from fresh to brine and low to higher temperature, this helps to ensure full chemical compatibility and also specific dosing recommendations.

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