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Rubber Parts Manufacturer

Cost, quality, and time to delivery. Few rubber parts manufacturers excel at all three of the things that separate a great company from the rest.

Cost has always been a top consideration when choosing a rubber parts manufacturer. In today’s world of unreliable supply chains and rampant inflation, the ability to deliver a low-cost solution is mandatory. High quality is also critical. Customers demand it. Competitors try to emulate it. But only a select few rubber parts manufacturers deliver it. Being able to produce a million rubber baby buggy bumpers on time and under budget doesn’t count for much if they don’t fit the baby buggies they were designed for or break prematurely. And delivering products on time is the hallmark of superior manufacturing performance, requiring operational excellence and a highly skilled workforce.

Philpott Rubber: The Natural Choice 

Philpott Rubber is a leading rubber parts manufacturer of custom molded and extruded parts for the industrial, commercial, and government market sectors. From automobiles to advanced medical equipment and bowling lane bumpers, Philpott delivers world-class quality on time and at affordable prices. Its capabilities include compression, transfer, and injection molding ranging from 100 to 800 tons using proprietary compounds proven and qualified for specific applications, with custom formulations available. It also has rubber-to-metal, rubber-to-plastic and rubber-to-fabric bonding capabilities and offers design and engineering assistance as needed. Philpott manufactures custom extruded rubber and plastic products for consumer, medical and industrial use. The company’s extrusion capabilities provide solutions for plastic, rubber and urethane components when molding is not suitable.

Certified to Meet ISO 9001 Standards 

Philpott specifically tailors its products to meet each customer’s requirements. In terms of materials, it offers open and closed-cell sponge rubber, solid (dense) rubber, fluoroelastomers, EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, polyisoprene, natural rubber, SBR, silicone, FDA, AREMA, AMS, SAE, ASTM, AASHTO, UL and military specifications. The company’s intense focus on operational excellence enables it to deliver high-quality products cost-effectively and on schedule. Philpott Rubber’s implementation of a comprehensive quality management system reflects its strong focus on quality. The company is also currently certified in the ISO 9001 standards – widely acknowledged quality compliance norms. When you’re looking for high, consistent quality in your rubber parts manufacturer, look no further than Philpott Rubber! 

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