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Philpott Rubber specializes in creating custom molded and extruded rubber products serving a wide array of industrial applications.

Philpott Rubber is a leading provider of custom molded and extruded rubber parts, quality adhesives and custom polymer parts to the industrial, commercial and government market sectors. Our company offers services specifically tailored to satisfy each customer’s unique Operational and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements. We implemented a Quality Management System and is currently certified to the ISO 9001 standards. Learn more about our experience.

Philpott Solutions Group offers technology and products in multiple industries FOR multiple industries. As a rubber parts manufacturer, we supply American-made, specialized & custom rubber and plastic components and parts for a number of industrial applications and designs.

We understand that any completed product can only be as good as the sum of its parts, which is why Philpott’s experienced team emphasizes manufacturing excellence, industry best practices and quality control. Our employees are equipped with the knowledge and technology to manufacture rubber and plastic parts for OEMs and more in multiple industries.

From the start of your custom project until its conclusion, Philpott works closely with your staff to ensure satisfaction. As a rubber parts manufacturer, we understand the importance of custom-molded products that include rubber and plastic materials that ensure longevity and functionality (including pump seats and flap valves).

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