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Philpott Rubber, a company that manufactures custom rubber parts, can accommodate any number of industrial applications and designs.

Our experienced team emphasizes manufacturing excellence, industry best practices and quality control. We supply custom rubber parts to multiple industries and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – from chemical to medical as well as agricultural, electronics, military/DOD and many more.

Philpott Rubber offers a full range of elastomers to meet our customers’ material specifications. We can create prototypes or mold products according to your engineering needs and applications.

Our rubber company is ISO 9001 certified and our manufacturing practices are customer focused with the goal of producing quality rubber parts. This allows our customers to achieve their production goals, maximize profitability and retain or gain market share.

Our custom products are made onsite in our Ohio facility for made in America quality.

If you’re looking for a rubber company with broad manufacturing capabilities, we can custom mold rubber products from a variety of polymers including:

  • Silicone
  • Neoprene
  • EPDM
  • Fluroelastomer
  • Nitrile
  • Natural Rubber

Philpott Rubber develops formulas based on a product’s specific application, such as temperature, environment, exposure to UV light, chemical resistance or compression. Our manufactured parts meet requirements established by regulatory bodies, with specifications available for:

  • FDA
  • AMS
  • SAE
  • ASTM
  • UL
  • Military/DOD

We implement the latest injection, compression and transfer molding techniques. Our rubber company is unique among most rubber part manufacturers because we are proficient at all three molding methods. Philpott Rubber can fabricate products from a single polymer or bond rubber to metals and other substrates. We can also add an adhesive to the back of extruded rubber, among other capabilities.

Types of custom fabrication that we offer:

  • Extruding (cut to length or roll form)
  • Molding
  • Die cutting
  • Water jet
  • Lathe cut
  • Stripped
  • Prototyping
  • New product development

Our compression, transfer and injection molding ranges from 100-800 tons using proprietary compounds with custom formulations available. The 800-ton press has 72×72 inch platens to fabricate larger parts. Contact us for more information about our capabilities or give us a call at 330-225-3344.

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