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Product Highlights

  • Elastomeric Compression, Transfer and Injection Molded from Buna-N, Neoprene, FKM, EPDM, and FDA-approved materials
  • Thermoplastic Injection Molded from Santoprene, Hytrel, Geolast, Polyurethane, PTFE and all engineered plastics
  • Available in sizes from 1/8″ to 5-1/4″ diameters
  • Available in ground and unground finishes

About this product

The pump valve balls are used in conjunction with an elastomeric, thermoplastic or metallic valve seat as a sealing surface. This helps to ensure the valve system in air-operated diaphragm pumps helps to control the fluid being pumped. It also provides a stop against backflow in the suction stroke. These parts ensure that the valve systems in air-operated pumps are always high functioning and efficient.

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