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Product Highlights

  • Improved safety
  • Reduced coil damage
  • High-load-bearing resistance
  • Easy to install and relocate
  • Long life cycle
  • Impervious to liquid absorption

About KLP Storageblocks

The Lankhorst KLP Storageblocks are manufactured from superior load-bearing plastics. This product is offered in a number of dimensions and chock angles up to 15 degrees, comparable with the RollStops and Rollcradles.

Not all coils are able to be stored in multiple levels due to the risk of damage of sensitive material. Sometimes regular coils are stored temporarily awaiting further processing and slit coils are usually too narrow for stacking. The KLP Storageblocks are intended for one-level storage to prevent coil damage and rolling.

Many choose this product for temporary storage for regular coils or slit coils and better floor management.

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