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Product Highlights

  • Improves safety
  • Stack coils 3 high without chains
  • High-load-bearing resistance
  • Long life cycle
  • Turnkey system
  • Reduced coil damage
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Impervious to liquid absorption

About the RollStop System

The KLP RollStop System utilizes engineering technology to provide a proven one-of-a-kind storage system for your coils. The system is manufactured from a polymeric material that not only protects your coils but also makes the RollStop virtually indestructible. The placement of the RollStops and width of the rails can be changed to accommodate a large range of coil diameters, widths and stacking configurations. This product is also available in a high-temp version.

It is a turn-key storage system offering maximum flexibility and maximum safety. Coils may be stored up to three levels. The system consists of four simple components: rail, connector, spacer and KLP® RollStop – this allows a very simple installation on-site.

The interlocking system consists of a reinforced rail with notches on which the KLP® RollStops can be positioned. The distance between the KLP® RollStops may vary depending on coil diameter. One size fits all! An extensive installation manual will guide you through the installation of the system on-site.

Most choose this product for its ease of installation and maximum flexibility.

Why use KLP® RollStops System in your warehouse?

  • One stop shop – one supplier for the complete system (turn-key)
  • No steel profiles needed
  • No special installation equipment needed
  • Fast and easy installation – two men can do the job
  • Easy three level stacking
  • Flexible for coil diameter and width
  • Improved safety for personnel (TÜV-approved)
  • Less damage to your precious coils
  • Splinter proof
  • Long lifetime
  • Enormous load bearing capacity
  • No oil absorption
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