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Product Highlights

  • No fixed position; moved blocks based on diameter of the coil
  • Ideal if you have a variety of small and large coils
  • Each block can bear of 25 tons
  • Available in 2 temperature qualities
  • No oil absorption
KLP Rollblock
Lankhorst Rollblocks
Coil Storage RollBlock
Coil Storage System

About KLP Rollblocks

The KLP Rollblocks are one of the most time-tested systems in the Lankhorst product line. The Rollblock coil storage system has become a standard for many steel companies. Our KLP® Rollblock System offers coil storage that is both safe and flexible. This high-efficiency system requires the use of fabricated steel channels, which allow the blocks to be placed as needed.

KLP® Rollblocks have to be placed into standard UNP-channels. The blocks have no fixed position; they can be moved depending on the diameter of the coil – ideal if you have a variety of small and large coils.

KLP® Rollblocks can accommodate storage of coils in an assortment of small and large diameters ranging from 500 to 2500 mm. The 28 degree chock angle offers maximum support, an enormous load-bearing capacity and allows coil stacking up to three levels.

KLP® Rollblocks are produced from plastics. Years of experience ensure the best choice of materials; the product becomes virtually indestructable and resilient. When subjected to loading KLP® Rollblocks flex slightly, but will return to their original shape immediately afterwards. KLP® Rollblocks considerably reduce damage to coils.

Our standard Rollblock (type 55/16-2) is a true ‘heavy duty’ block: each Rollblock can bear about 25 tons. One coil is supported by four Rollblocks. Apart from this Rollblock we offer several other dimensions: for every coil warehouse Lankhorst Mouldings can offer the right storage system. Our sales people will be happy to assist you in finding the optimal solution.

KLP® Rollblocks were developed in close co-operation with the European steel industry. Rollblocks comply with all industrial requirements. They are used world-wide: Australia, Mexico, Canada, United States, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa and in almost all European countries.

Rollblocks are available in two qualities: our black ‘standard’ range, which can be used for coils with a temperature up to 60°C and a range allowing storage of coils with a temperature up to 110°C.

Why use KLP® Rollblocks in your warehouse?

  • Improved safety for personnel (TÜV approved)
  • Easy three level stacking
  • Less damage to your precious coils
  • Splinter proof
  • Long lifetime
  • Enormous load bearing capacity
  • Flexible and efficient
  • No oil absorption
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