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Plastic Bucket HandlesOriginal equipment manufacturers that make five-gallon steel or aluminum buckets for consumer or commercial purposes can rely on Philpott Solutions Group for custom injection molded plastic bucket handles.

As part of its core competencies, Philpott Rubber & Plastics division offers its customers extensive experience in plastic injection molding. We adhere to the highest quality standards for all of the parts produced in our facility.

Plastic bucket handles are injection molded in our Aurora, Ohio facility. In addition, we also source our raw materials domestically. Local, American-made manufacturing can help ease supply chain issues affecting offshore suppliers.

We offer prototype development and testing. Bucket handles can be injection molded in custom shapes, sizes and colors in any desired quantity. Our engineers are available to discuss compound preferences or performance characteristics to determine which substance or raw material will best suit your desired product use and lifespan.

We fabricate bucket handles from custom formulated compounds to service specialty and custom requests. Contact us to discuss your plastic parts needs.

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Injection Molded Plastic Bucket Handle
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