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Medical facilities, first responders, and other organizations that require personal protective equipment can now purchase a versatile face shield kit designed and manufactured by Philpott Solutions Group.

Philpott Solutions Group developed this proprietary face shield design to offer its customers a flexible, economical and more sustainable face shield than the standard, single-piece unit or style of face shield typically available.

Face Shield Four-piece Kit
PPE Includes The Headband, Silicone Pad, Rubber Strap And Face Shield

The face shield kit from Philpott contains a headband, a silicone pad, a rubber adjustable strap and a plastic face shield, which are assembled prior to use. The various kit elements are sold separately. This allows organizations to purchase and swap out individual used or broken parts without having to discard and then purchase a whole new unit.

This face shield kit is the first product introduction as part of personal protective equipment from Philpott Solutions Group. Face shields can offer full-face protection while not hindering speech and non-verbal visual cues such as facial expression. Kits can be shipped in any quantity and stored until required for use.

All of kit elements are fabricated and/or diecut in Philpott’s Aurora facility. Kit pieces exemplify the various competencies available at Philpott Solutions Group, including injection molding plastic parts and die cutting. Depending upon the application, Philpott can employ injection, compression and/or transfer molding techniques to meet specifications and achieve production goals.

Face shield kits are perfect for:

  • Dentist and orthodontics offices
  • Emergency services staff
  • First responders
  • Healthcare workers
  • Hospitality industry
  • Medical facilities
  • Nursing home staff
  • Retail stores
  • Schools and universities

We can ship samples upon request. Contact us to learn more.

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