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Foundries, automotive manufacturers and other firms pouring molten metal for casting can find a wide range of blow tip sizes including larger, non-standard lengths, from Philpott Solutions Group.

Our blow tips create a pathway for air circulation to direct air into the cap for proper setup, to circulate air to cool the casting or to move liquids in a desired direction as part of the manufacturing process. The right size and style blow tip aids with faster cooling to result in better casting.

Philpott Solutions Group, a custom manufacturer, has the capability to produce blow tips in larger sizes, from a quarter inch up to three or four inches in length. Typical material choices include rubber, silicone or urethane with final selection based on end use or application.

We apply the same level of quality control to any size run, from a few hundred parts up to blanket orders. Call Philpott Solutions Group for blow tips of standard or specialty sizes for your metal casting needs. 

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