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Technically, they’re probably not a supplier. But it’s a vague enough word that we should try to use it. Other vendors likely “supply” Philpott with the materials they need to have to fabricate or manufacture.

The most common word used to describe the o-ring is “ubiquitous,” however this common part plays an important role in multiple industries. The o-ring acts a critical sealing component inserted between uneven surfaces to prevent fluid or air from escaping.

Selecting a trusted manufacturer and the right material and size o-ring can prevent costly, time consuming and potentially dangerous consequences from o-ring failure and subsequent leakage.

As a supplier, Philpott focuses on specialty, non-standard O-rings, fabricating them in larger than typical sizes and/or from specialty materials to meet challenging environmental conditions.

We have the capability to manufacture o-rings up to four inches in diameter. Available materials include silicone, Geolast®, Hypalon and urethane among others, with selection determined by the situations and substances the o-ring might encounter in use, such as harsh or corrosive chemicals.

We can manufacture to specifications or assist with design, factoring in the amount of compression required for seal expansion, chemical compatibility and tensile strength.

Whether you need replacement o-rings due to wear or failure or need design and engineering assistance for a special project, Philpott Solutions can fabricate o-rings that meet specifications and performance objectives. 

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