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At Philpott Solutions Group, an exceptional supplier we’ve been making world-class rubber and plastic polymer products for more than 30 years.  Our Rubber & Plastics division manufactures custom parts for a myriad of applications.  Here’s a look at some of our many capabilities.  

Extruded Products 

We manufacture custom, extruded rubber and plastic products for consumer, medical and industrial use. When molding won’t work for your plastic, rubber and urethane components, talk to us about our extrusion capabilities.

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Cast Products 

We make cast urethane products with high load compression set characteristics for applications such as steel coil pads for OEMs, rollers for transporting steel tubing and many other industrial uses. 

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Injection Molded Products

We produce custom injection molded parts from virtually any engineered resin available today. Whether using an existing mold or custom engineering a new mold – our team will meet your exact specifications.

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Compression and Transfer Molded Products

From consumer to automotive and medical applications, the compression and transfer molded products we manufacture for our customers are everywhere you look. We have the equipment and experience to fabricate your custom part.

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Philpott Solutions Group is known for its range of rubber and plastics services, expertise, equipment, flexibility, and great customer communications. Choose from everything from extruded rubber seals, cast urethane and injection molded products to compression and transfer molded products for the automotive and medical industries.

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