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Philpott Solutions Group Develops Innovative Face Shield Kit

Unique Proprietary Design Offers Economical, Sustainable PPE Alternative  

(Brunswick, OH July 8, 2021) — Philpott Solutions Group, a leading manufacturer of custom rubber and plastic components for industrial applications and designs, has developed a proprietary face shield to support the need for innovative, U.S.-manufactured personal protective equipment (PPE).  The face shield is available as a four-piece kit which allows the user to assemble the number of face shields needed at any given time, and swap out individual used or broken parts without having to purchase a completely new unit.  

The four-piece face shield kit is comprised of a headband with a silicone pad for the forehead area, an adjustable rubber strap and a plastic visor or face covering. Each of the four pieces—the headband, silicone pad, rubber strap and face shield—is available to purchase separately. The kits can be shipped in any quantity and stored until needed.   

First responders, medical personnel, municipalities, educational institutions and/or retail operations can realize immediate, multiple benefits from the Philpott Solutions Group face shield kit design. The kit is produced domestically, which helps get the PPE in the hands of end-users faster compared to overseas manufacturers.  The design features replaceable individual components for a more economical and more sustainable face shield model than other, comparable units.  

“While the long-term demand for face shields is now returning to more sustainable levels than during the height of the pandemic, the events of the past 18 months have highlighted the need for more innovative, locally manufactured personal protective equipment,” said David Ferrell, President of Philpott Solutions Group. “Medical facilities and other organizations can avoid long wait times.  And when it comes time for a replacement, customers can get the parts they need individually, to cut waste and save money while still providing their workers with the best possible protection.”   

The elements within the face shield kit help illustrate the wide-ranging capabilities offered by Philpott Solutions Group, highlighting the company’s competencies in both plastic and rubberand processes such as injection molding and die cutting. Philpott Solutions Group capabilities extend to rubber-to-metal bonding, rubber and plastic extrusion, compression and transfer molding, among others. It offers quality design and engineering assistance to companies large or small. 

Face shield kit samples are available on request. For more specific information about the new face shield kits from Philpott Solutions Group, call (888-267-2206).

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