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Molding Parts Manufacturer

The plastic and rubber molding parts manufacturer you choose needs the flexibility to meet all your requirements, provide the quality and price you want, and do it all within your timeframe.  

Capacity & Capabilities 

Can your current partner supply custom shapes, sizes, colors, and physical properties? Will it take care of bulk material handling and run plastic injection molding jobs in the 50- to 650-ton range? Can it handle open cast and compression molded urethane, rubber and plastic extrusions, and rubber-to-metal bonding and provide these services on small-to-large parts? Can it offer quality design and engineering assistance, provide compression and transfer molding ranging from 350 to 800 tons, and give you a wide range of platen sizes from which to choose?  

That’s the capacity and capabilities you can expect when you hire Philpott Solutions as your molding parts manufacturer.   

If your current vendor choices do not offer this range of services, switch to one that delivers them every day. Philpott Solutions specializes in supplying custom molded and extruded rubber products and has experience serving a wide array of industries and applications. From medical hardware to chemical storage, from HVAC systems to solar energy, and automotive to military equipment, we deliver the rubber and plastic parts and products you need.

Customized to Meet Your Needs 

We are a leader in rubber and plastic molding product development and part production that’s customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer retention and base our entire business model on delivering the products and services they demand. We offer personalized service and assistance every step of the way, making your supplier interactions and purchase of rubber molding parts seamless and stress-free. 

No matter what molding process is called for, injection, transfer, extrusion, compression or cast, Philpott Solutions has the manufacturing capabilities to deliver consistent quality rubber and plastic parts. We can also offer an array of additional services, including die-cutting, waterjet cutting, sheet metal work, and more.  

To learn more about Philpott’s capabilities as a molding parts manufacturer, call (888) 267-2206 or complete our short contact form.  

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