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Stacy BonitzIt is not often that you find someone with an accounting pedigree that thinks about more than debits and credits, but Stacy is that person.

This is not only due to her advanced degree in business administration from John Carrol University, but also her belief that the finance team in a company must always keep customer success in mind. Through this belief, all personnel in Philpott serving varying disciplines, from sales to the manufacturing floor, consider Stacy an active, productive partner. She coaches everyone in the Company while acting as an example on how the benefits of being positive, even in the worst of circumstances, will help Philpott grow.

Since joining Philpott in 2010, Stacy has worked her way up the Philpott executive management ladder at a rapid pace. She is now the Senior Vice President of Finance and a member of our Board of Directors. Stacy has gained recognition and respect from Philpott’s employees, customers and suppliers not only due to her job performance, but also by going above and beyond in her personal quest to assist every employee in achieving career development excellence. She has successfully contributed to the development and execution of every Philpott strategic growth initiative. This included plans for the reshoring from China of Philpott’s rubber and plastic molding to our new facility in Aurora, Ohio, facilitating the implementation of a new enterprise resource planning system, integrating Philpott’s five (5) new operating subsidiaries and leading the annual, third-party company stock appraisal process. She was also instrumental in creating the Philpott Industrial Leasing company, which allows companies with limited funds to purchase and immediately benefit from our Company’s maintenance, operations and tooling offerings.

Stacy is the face and voice of Philpott in the community. She serves on the Boards of Directors for a number of charitable organizations as well as a locally headquartered national bank. She founded and operates the Trinity Rose Foundation, which financially assists visually impaired children and their families. She has been the recipient of several prestigious awards in recognition or her business management and charitable activities. Her proud, selfless contributions have gained her the respect of professionals throughout the community.

“To be successful, Philpott’s finance team must help bring value to our customers by acting as a trusted partner to all Philpott employees.  We do this by listening to our employees regarding customers’ challenges and then helping them innovate creative solutions!”

– Stacy Bonitz

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