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Vice President of Manufacturing with extensive experience with rubber parts.

Perhaps our proudest accomplishment in the past decade has been the return of Philpott’s manufacturing operations to the USA from China. As Vice President of Manufacturing, Ron Stayer remains the visionary for this initiative as he leads the Company-owned manufacturing operation in Aurora, Ohio.

Ron is a highly skilled professional who is uniquely qualified to lead Philpott’s manufacturing and its support activities. He prepared himself well for this with a degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in finance. Before joining Philpott, Ron learned the rubber business through his work at a leading manufacturer and innovator of equipment that services the tire industry. His background and experience have greatly contributed to Philpott’s product innovations, quality assurance and personnel mentoring.

Ron keenly understands the challenges industrial customers face and what it takes to contribute to their growth. He began his career at Philpott a decade ago acting as the technical liaison to Philpott’s largest customer in a sector in which Philpott has #1 market share. In that capacity, he traveled regularly to China for product inspections and contract manufacturer negotiations to ensure that the quality of the rubber parts met the customers’ standards. Ultimately, Ron’s input drove Philpott’s decision to bring its manufacturing back to the USA. Not only has this created domestic jobs, it serves the most critical component of our strategic growth plan by ensuring Philpott’s customer service excellence long into the future. Ron keenly understands the challenges industrial customers face and what it takes to contribute to their growth.

Ron’s even-tempered, positive demeanor is complimented by his highly competitive character. He demonstrates this not only in his professional career, but it also motivates his passion for drag racing. Drivers in this sport compete at speeds up to 200 miles per hour and continuously adapt to ever changing conditions. Much like drag racing, manufacturing challenges often require management to go from zero to maximum speeds in minimal time. Ron’s ability to thoughtfully plan, patiently nurture employees and react quickly to challenges will continue to ensure Philpott’s growth and success.

“Everyone understands that we will only earn a customer’s future order by meeting his or her expectations of the one currently in front of us. It is with that mindset our team keeps focused on quality and efficiency!”

– Ron Stayer

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