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David Ferrell, President & CEO

David firmly believes that when we focus on making our customers successful, Philpott prosperity will follow.

He was a key member of the Philpott executive team that brought back to the USA the Company’s manufacturing operations from China, which began in 2018.  This move not only created new jobs in the United States, but also facilitated Philpott’s ability to deliver products of the highest quality, at a value and in the timeframe customers expect.

Almost immediately after he was elected as Philpott’s president in early 2020, the Company was yet again faced with a challenging market, caused this time by the COVID-19 virus.  Having been a Philpott corporate officer for almost a decade prior to his taking on the top Philpott leadership role, David drew from the Company’s history of providing service excellence right through every crisis. This was proven when the Philpott not only survived, but flourished through the Great Depression, two World Wars and countless recessions.  His core philosophy is centered around personnel motivation through employee empowerment and accountability.  In so doing, employees gain the confidence needed to weather every storm.

Before joining Philpott, David refined his belief system through working as a senior manager at a billion-dollar, multinational company operating in the energy sector and in smaller USA companies, one of which supplied industrial polymers.  Since Philpott serves businesses from one-man operations to Fortune 100 companies, he understands the unique issues facing companies of every size.  As an athlete and avid sports fan, his management style is competitive, yet relatable to our employees, each of whom have highly diverse backgrounds.  David’s experience provides the foundation of an aggressive strategic plan, which unifies the varied competencies of every employee into a cohesive unit.  By working together, this team strives to ensure the success of every Philpott customer.  Under David’s leadership, Philpott will continue to apply the lessons learned over its long history, ensure that current customers remain satisfied and facilitate the composite courage of the employee team to address future challenges.

“Philpott will continue to thrive and grow by ensuring that we earn every single order.  We will do so by providing service excellence with each product we ship.  By acting as a team focused on our customers’ success, Philpott will prosper, just as it has for more than 130-years!”

– David Ferrell

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