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Extruded Rubber Parts for HVAC Applications

There are common parts within HVAC units that can be rubber extruded or molded in plastic, but it took a unique process offered by the Philpott Solutions Group to combine the two mediums and solve a nagging issue for one HVAC manufacturer.

In addition to offering extruded rubber parts and custom plastic designs, the Philpott Solutions Group provides an engineered solution to tricky problems through a unique process called dual durometer extrusion. Few extruders have the capabilities to perform this complicated co-extrusion process, however it can hold the key to supplying long-lasting parts and solutions for multiple applications.

What is Dual Durometer?

Dual durometer co-extrusion bonds or fuses together two compounds with different physical properties into a single, uniform part. The end result combines structural integrity with flexibility to reduce assembly costs, enhance part performance, and increase durability and longevity.

The process can be used to bond together similar compounds, but its greater value lies in the capability to fuse together uniquely different materials for a synergistic effect that leverages the strengths of each individual material.

Solving an HVAC Part Failure

An HVAC manufacturer of industrial units approached Philpott Solutions Group to help fix a vibration dampener that was consistently failing after installation. This vibration dampener was constructed of a hard plastic clip attached to a softer rubber dampener that then rested against an adjacent panel to quiet the rattling of the unit shaking or vibrating.

The vibration dampeners were falling off of the panel because of the plastic clip failure. The creative solution supplied by Philpott utilized dual durometer extrusion to manufacture a single part that fused the plastic (the harder material) to the softer rubber dampener, creating a part that can last the lifespan of the HVAC unit.

Philpott Solutions Group has the capability to help design and then extrude other forms of gasket seals for HVAC units using either dual durometer or single extrusion, as the application warrants, extruding and molding different polymers or rubber materials. Dual durometer extrusion expands the possibilities for part creation, and lends versatility, allowing any number of varying materials to be bonded together, including multi-color dual durometer processing. The resulting parts can help cut assembly costs, reduce future maintenance and lengthen the lifespan of critical components.

Find the right solution for extruded rubber parts, polymers or a blend made possible through dual durometer extrusion for HVAC parts and equipment problems from Philpott Solutions Group. Contact us or give us a call at 888-267-2206.

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