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Extruded Rubber Seals Manufacturer

Extruded rubber seals play a unique role in thousands of products, from door seals on electric vehicles to watertight glazing seals for medical equipment. Extrusions are often manufactured in very long lengths via dies, unlike molded parts that are formed piece by piece. Customers have a choice of rubber or plastic with extrusions, depending on their specific application and requirements.

Philpott: The right choice

No matter what the application is, most companies seeking extruded rubber seals see Philpott Solutions as the right choice. “While you can vary the design of an extrusion or the material type based on application, there’s really no feasible alternative to an extrusion in many situations”, says Ron Stayer, vice president of sales and marketing with Philpott Solutions.

“Our customers will provide a preferred die profile for their application, and we work from that to provide a finished product solution,” says Ron, who notes molded solutions can be an alternative to extrusions for certain products. “Your other option is a molded solution, provided you can mold the product in the required size.”

The cost-effective solution

Products that lend themselves to the extrusion process will have a cost advantage over using a molding process. “Extrusion is a cost-effective option because you can produce it so quickly. The extrusion produces multiple feet per minute, while with molding it might take 20 to 40 minutes for each seal based on product design and material.”

Philpott provides comprehensive service to customers regarding extruded rubber seals, offering technical assistance where needed by its qualified sales team members. “We collaborate with our material supply partners to identify the compounds best suited for our customers’ unique applications,” says Ron. While Philpott’s customers are generally well-versed in the intricacies of extruded rubber seal production, sometimes they require Philpott’s expertise. “There are many times we’ve helped our customers work through multiple design iterations to get the performance outcome needed for the required product performance – sometimes the process from initial design to final application does not always go as planned, “this is where Philpott’s customer back philosophy and 130 plus years of business is on display as we are able to work with our customers to minimize the concept to final design timeframe”.

Delivering quality and service

The company also provides customers with value-added services from secondary splicing operations to inventory programs if needed. “We have stocking program options available for our customers to assist with working capital needs. Extrusions can sometimes be large volumes, and customers may not want those volumes in their inventory but want to access them quickly, so we’ll stock product for them.”

While cost is a major factor, quality also plays a key role in the selection of an extrusion supplier. “Consistent quality should be a critical factor in supplier selection,” says Ron, “Our customers seek great service and value, along with quality. People love our customer service,” he adds. We’re responsive and nimble, and if we don’t have the answers they need right away, we get them very quickly. It’s one area that sets us apart.”

Contact us to learn more about Philpott Solutions’ extruded rubber seals and its other products.

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