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Extruded Products  

Our Rubber & Plastics division provides custom, extruded rubber and plastic products for consumer, medical and industrial use.  Depending on your needs, we can apply pressure sensitive adhesives and heat-activated tapes to your extrusions for gasket, weather stripping and other applications.  Additional secondary capabilities, such as hole punching and cutting to length, are available upon request.    

Our Process 

When molding won’t work for your plastic, rubber and urethane components, talk to us about our extrusion capabilities.  Simply show us your application and our engineering team will identify the ideal solution for you.  Once we’ve met your specs, we’ll provide your extrusions at the appropriate lengths and have them shipped according to your schedule.   

Examples of Our Extruded Products

Our custom, extruded rubber and plastic products are used for diverse applications, including Vibration Pads (rubber, plastic or urethane, depending on end-use application) and Gaskets (broad range of sizes).

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