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Original equipment manufacturers of sanitary ware products can rely on Philpott Solutions Group for its expertise both designing and fabricating parts for a variety of plumbing applications. Sanitary ware products and applications include parts fabricated, extruded or molded for end use in urinals, toilets and commodes as well as faucets and sinks.  

Only a custom rubber supplier like Philpott Solutions can offer the competencies necessary to manufacture reliable, durable parts used in sanitary ware applications. Depending on end use, we can employ injection, compression and/or transfer molding techniques to achieve part objectives, with years of demonstrated proficiency at all three manufacturing methods.  

In fact, Philpott Solutions holds a patent on a product co-developed with a major OEM of sanitary wares, specifically a fastening mechanism for a tank-to-bowl application.  We can work with you to improve your finished product performance.  

Our rigid adherence to industry best practices and stringent quality controls helps ensure your rubber products meet specifications and supply long-lasting performance.  

Performance Objectives 

The key for sanitary ware custom rubber products is a water tight seal, particularly in tank-to-bowl applications. Gaskets, diaphragms and o-rings must maintain product integrity in challenging, high-use environments.  

Philpott has manufactured sanitary ware rubber parts for applications in products destined for use in consumer goods, recreational vehicles, boats, institutional settings and heavy-duty industrial/manufacturing facilities.   

Types of sanitary ware parts/products that Philpott Solutions manufacturers: 

  • Tank-to-bowl Gaskets 
  • Flush valves 
  • Diaphragm seals 
  • O-rings 
  • Ball cock gasket  
  • Nuts 
  • Fasteners 

American Made 

Our company manufactures custom rubber parts in our U.S. facility in Ohio. Bypass transportation issues with crowded ports and trust Philpott Solutions for your custom rubber supplier.  

We offer engineering and design consultations to develop prototypes or suggest the best performing polymer for a given application. We work with numerous types of plastics and rubber compounds to select the right material for reliable performance, durability and longevity.  

As a custom rubber supplier, we work with several compounds on a regular basis:  

  • Silicone 
  • Neoprene 
  • EPDM  
  • Fluoroelastomer 
  • Nitrile 
  • Natural Rubber

Contact Philpott Solutions for proven rubber parts in sanitary ware applications.  

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