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Cast Products 

Our Rubber & Plastics division manufactures cast rubber and urethane products with high load compression set characteristics for applications such as steel coil pads for original equipment manufacturers, rollers for transporting steel tubing and many other industrial uses.  We also manufacture cast products for a myriad of high impact, high wear applications such snow plow blades and bumpers that protect products and reduce noise.  All of our cast products are custom made to meet your exact specifications.   

Benefits of Using Casting Process for Urethane Products

  • Design Flexibility: Casting allows for intricate and complex designs with undercuts, fine details, and varying thicknesses, providing designers with greater flexibility in creating custom parts. 
  • Material Variety: Casting processes support a wide range of materials, including urethane compounds. This versatility enables manufacturers to choose materials based on specific requirements such as hardness, flexibility, or resistance to chemicals. 
  • Low Tooling Costs: Compared to other manufacturing processes like injection molding, casting often involves lower tooling costs. This makes it more cost-effective for small production runs or prototypes. 
  • Rapid Prototyping: The casting process is well-suited for rapid prototyping, enabling manufacturers to quickly iterate and test designs before committing to large-scale production. 
  • Customization: Cast molding allows for easy customization of products. Manufacturers can tailor the physical properties of the final product, such as hardness or flexibility, to meet specific application requirements.

Products and Parts Ideally Suited for Cast Molding

A cast molding process may not be suitable for high volume orders, or part or products that require very tight tolerances, but there are many applications where this method is ideal.


Casting is suitable for manufacturing large parts that may be challenging or expensive to produce using alternative methods. This method is often used for large industrial parts due to its ability to handle complex shapes and lower tooling costs compared to other processes.

Products like custom grips, handles, or specialized consumer goods benefit from casting processes due to design flexibility and the ability to use a variety of materials to achieve desired properties.

Some automotive components, especially those requiring flexibility or vibration absorption, are often manufactured using cast molding processes.

Contact Philpott Solutions to discuss your custom rubber and plastic part design and application. With three plants in the Midwest, we have the equipment and expertise to handle your cast, extrusion, injection molding and compression projects.

Our Process

When manufacturing your cast rubber products, we pour the appropriate engineered resin into a mold, then pre-heat the product before curing it in an industrial oven to enhance its strength and durability.  We have the equipment, experience and expertise to fabricate custom cast products for any application, and our engineering team stands ready to serve you better than anyone else.  


Cast Urethane Product Size Range

Fraction of an inch up to 16 feet long

We manufacturer many cast rubber products, including Sprockets, Boom Protector, (Rubber or Urethane), C-Hook Coatings, Mandrel Sleeves, and Haven Feed Rollers & V-Rollers. How can we help your business today with our custom fabrication expertise?

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