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Philpott: Planting Roots in Agricultural Application Parts 

In business for nearly 135 years, Philpott Solutions Group has gained an industry-wide reputation as a producer of quality rubber, plastics, and cast urethane components. Its work extends to agricultural application parts, which largely consist of gaskets, extruded seals, rubber pads, bushings, belting, hoses, and PSA backed rubber, according to Ron Stayer, vice president of sales and marketing for the company.  

An expanding role in ag parts 

Ron says the company is interested in expanding its role in the segment. “It certainly lends itself to what we do – the industry aligns with our core capabilities. Philpott is very heavily involved in the industrial markets in manufacturing and industrial applications, and that lends itself to the agricultural world, too. We’re set up to run both small and large runs of parts, which could fit into a variety of categories for them. We’re very flexible in terms of volume and production.” 

That flexibility makes the agricultural equipment market a good match for Philpott. “The ag volumes are lower than automotive,” says Ron, “But unlike some suppliers, we can handle those production volumes: we can produce in the tens of parts, and we can deliver millions of parts. We have the flexibility to service a range of volumes.”  

Strong experience in similar markets   

In expanding its role in agricultural application parts, Philpott draws on its experience in other, similar markets. “We already service the automotive aftermarket and work with OEMs. We also serve the construction equipment industry, so we can transfer that knowledge to the ag market as well.” 

The advantages of using agricultural application parts made of rubber, plastics, and cast urethane are fairly straightforward, according to Ron. “They’re chemical-resistant and durable; they may be lighter than other materials used in those applications. If lightweight is among the criteria for the customer because it’s possible to change out steel and metal parts for plastic parts.”  

A global company, a US manufacturer 

Philpott serves customers across the United States as well as international business. “We’re a global company with a manufacturing base in the United States,” says Ron, who also noted the company’s unshakable focus on its customers. “We always want to partner with our customers. That means we’re very flexible in how we do business. All our customers are different, seeking a variety of volumes for a variety of products, and they want them in a variety of ways.” 

It’s a strategy that pays off. “Our customers typically appreciate our customer service,” says Ron. “Our response time, our products, our flexibility, our quality – all driven by and focused around our customer back culture.” 

Trust Philpott Solutions for your custom rubber and plastic parts. Contact us to discuss your next project.  

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